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Welcome to Studio Scrubs, LLC's On-line Store!

We are glad you have selected to visit our on-line WebStore. Here you will find the same great selections you can find in our retail store and more! Here is a few tips to help navigate our new site:

1. Please choose the store you would like to shop in the upper right corner. You may change this at any time.
2. We currently accept Paypal, Credit Cards and Gift Cards!
3. You may choose your products to be shipped to you or pick them up from the store,
4. Customer pick up is available same business day, if ordered 2 hours before closing, if they are in stock at the store you are shopping.
5. If you see an item is out of stock in the store you are shopping, you can check the inventory for one of our other stores directly in the shopping cart. Our vendor inventory always shows in the shopping cart to make sure it is available to order.
6. If an item needs to be ordered from a different store, you can choose to pick your order there or we can get that shipped to your home.
7. If the items you select is just from vendor stock, you may choose to have them drop ship it directly to you or pick it up with us to save on shipping. Again verify the store you are shopping.
8. If you choose to pick it up in the store when it comes in, you will receive an email letting you know when it is ready for pick up

Please understand that this webstore is just an extension of our retail store, provided for your shopping convenience and not meant to compete with the larger on-line giants.

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